Sell Your Birds

About us

The Stock market has been created by for the racing pigeon community to buy & sell their stock and offspring at  affordable prices, we have many years of experience in the sport and current covid-19 restrictions have  caused all the major shows to cancel so we felt that we could bring an inexpensive way to buy & sell quality racing pigeons that can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

You can also sell products on our site for just a £1.00 fee only payable when your items have sold.

In 2021 we are introducing our Classic Futurity races which will be held in conjunction with the NFC & BICC Young bird Nationals, we will be holding sales every week throughout March and all birds sold will be eligible to race in both races, we will be paying out prizes to the first 4 places plus a prize to the best bird in each section once, We will be holding the following year a Yearling Derby where all birds in our sales are eligible to compete in 2021, once the season is over you can keep your birds for the following year or you can sell them on our site in a public auction the choice is yours.


We have  our own Graphic design & photography studio where we can also create stunning portraits of your champions for just £5.00 is part of the Pigeon Sport Group.